System Locker Acceptable Use Policy

Last Updated: 10/6/2023
These policies apply to your access and use of System Locker (the "Service"). Please read them carefully, as developers who are found to have violated these policies may be subject to punitive actions. developers with users who repeatedly violate these terms may also be subject to penalties for bringing malicious users to our service.

"Developers" are those who pay System Locker to make available software or services. "Users" are the ones who use or access the software or services of the developers.

Penalties for developers who are not in compliance include, but are not limited to: ⚠️ Failure to comply with a penalty in a reasonable time frame (or the time frame that is specified) Will result in escalating penalties.

Rates Authenticating multiple times in under one minute is generally not acceptable if it persists for multiple minutes, unless you are using the heartbeat auth API (AKA Quicksilver).

Questions & Contact Information
Questions or comments about the Service may be directed to us at the email address [email protected]

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